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Nextphase ensures that your next move will be simple and stress free. Each move is tailored to meet your needs and requirements. No job is too big or small and we serve all of Vancouver, Sunshine Coast, Vancouver Island and most regions in British Columbia. We have moved across provinces and we have moved whole houses as well. We have been Vancouvers’ top downsizing company with over 15 years of experience. Customers love our experience with logistics and our calm demeanor.

Here’s a list of what we can offer for you:

  • Create a moving-plan with you and present it to you
  • Prepare floor plan diagrams of your new home showing layout
  • Downsize and declutter (because it won’t happen by itself)
  • Sort and organize items (this is our talent and comes easily to us)
  • Donate items to various charities
  • Sell items through consignment or auction
  • Recycle unwanted items
  • Pack-up all household items with great care
  • Coordinate with our movers the date, the time and the plan
  • Move everything in your home
  • Unpack and set-up new residence
  • We host a “Reveal" of your new home
  • Manage any remaining move-in details
  • We clean up your old home and stage it for sale

Moving a home involves a great deal of skill, tenacity and time and our team of experts can simplify the process for you. Our clients believe that calling us to coordinate all aspects of their move was one of the best decisions they made when moving!

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Serving seniors since 2008

For 15 years nextphase has been proudly managing the downsizing process for folks who are moving. Scott and Kandice began Nextphase Moving and Downsizing Solutions because of their passion for seniors. Christoph is passionate about supporting folks to simplify and in so doing, to get the most out of their life. As a team their experience and calm demeanor will have you feeling relief and closure as you move forward to your next home.

Christoph Kesting, CEO, NextPhase

Christoph supported families for twelve years as a Rehabilitation Therapist and then worked in the world of moving-logistics and in container home construction. He volunteers with the Vancouver Hospice Society. His long history of supporting both individuals and organizations through change is a source of pride. His ease and joy are evident when managing the logistics ofa project and caring for those in transition.


Scott Morrison, Founder

Scott Morrison has been a senior move manager since 2008. He has gained valuable experience in managing over 650 moves throughout Metro Vancouver, Canada and internationally. He is committed to helping all clients, with a focus on seniors, to make their move as seamless and stressless as possible.


Our Services

Moving and Downsizing

As a senior move manager, we offer turn key moving and downsizing solutions for clients that want to downsize from their family home of 10 to 50 years into a smaller residence. We are there to provide emotional support, help sort through your belongings, find a new home for household items and treasures and provide guidance on what to take to your new home. We customize every move to meet the needs of a client. We focus on every detail to plan, coordinate and organize your move and reduce the stress of the move.

We are there to support you through three stages:


1. Pre-move

Pre-move, we provide you with a complimentary consultation and an estimate of the amount of time and cost of your move. The price depends on various factors such as size of move, distance, amount of downsizing required, quantity of belongings to be packed and/or donated to charity, and any other specialty requirements.


Services include

  • Meet with clients to determine what they want, need and love;
  • Draw a floor plan to determine layout and fit in new home;
  • Provide a detailed calendar to show you the planned activities for your move;
  • Sort, pack and help decide what needs to moved to the new home;
  • Declutter, and re-organize the home;
  • Arrange for telephone, cable and change of address for new home;
  • Schedule cleaning of home or other services such as painting;
  • Determine what items are to be shipped to family members and friends;
  • Ship items to family and friends;
  • Determine which items are going to be sold at consignment or auction.

Pre-move we use the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle model of downsizing

  • Deliver items to consignment or auction;
  • Determine which items are going to charity, and which Charity will benefit the most from the items –
    • Downtown Women's Resource Centre,
    • Dress For Success,
    • Lookout Emergency Shelters,
    • Immigrant Society of BC,
    • Value Village,
    • Salvation Army,
    • or a Charity of your choice.
  • Donate books to the Reading Tree Book Charity which send books to schools in low income areas;
  • Donate unwanted medical equipment to the Red Cross;
  • Donate useable tools to Habitat for Humanity;
  • Recycle unwanted metal items, barbeques, batteries and propane tanks;
  • Haul unserviceable TV's, VCR's, computers and printers to recycling;
  • Recycle paint cans, tools, plastics, and other products, shred papers.

2. Move

During the move, we treat your household items with care and respect. We prepare a complete inventory of all items that have been packed, so you know where everything is prior to the move.

  • Select, hire and supervise movers;
  • Professionally pack all items;
  • Professionally determine which items may need to go to storage for future use;
  • Unpack all boxes and remove all packing materials;
  • Set-up every room, including placing all furniture, putting everything away – food items, linens, clothing, kitchen tools and dishes, hooking up TV and computer, hanging pictures, making beds, set-up bathroom, etc.;
  • Reveal the Nextphase of your home! We prefer that the client is away on moving day, and they arrive at 6:00 PM for the reveal to see their home completely set up, as though you have lived there for years!

3. Post Move

Post-move, we follow-up with you, to see if there is anything you may need. As you see, there are many steps involved in a move. Most clients complete a move with 1-2 weeks although we can do the move in phases. While the move to your Nextphase could be consecutively, or months apart – we are there to develop a plan that suits your needs schedule.


Staging and Redesign Services

In order to show the best side of your home, it is best to take the "you" out of your home and de-clutter the space and showoff the features of the home – kitchen, hardwood flooring, woodwork. When we stage the home, normally 50% of the books, pictures and ornaments are removed and placed into storage to allow the buyer to picture themselves in their new home. Our trained staff have experience in redesign and staging to show your home in it's best light.

Preparing the home for sale

We can organize and hire cleaners, painters, landscapers and other contractors to prepare your home for the market. We can recommend relators and put you in touch with the right contacts.

Personalizing your new home

We will work with you to personalize your new home to meet your needs. This may include minor renovations to new home including:

  • Purchase and installation of TV and stereo equipment;
  • Purchase and installation of bath bars and hand grabs;
  • Supervise custom blind and drape installation;
  • Painting the home.


Nextphase is a full-service senior move management company, which means that we will arrange every single part of your move. A main element of moving is sorting and organizing your assets and treasures. We often find new homes for items that no longer fit with your lifestyle in consignment stores, charities or with your family members. We find the best price for movers, coordinate the move, unpack and re-design your new home. If your new home needs cleaners, new drapes, new or used furniture, we provide and coordinate all these services.

Yes. We'll unpack all items into your new home, put everything away, hang your pictures, organize clothing, arrange cupboards, set up your television and stereo, even arrange your phone and cable. Like the reality shows we provide a "reveal" once we have your home organized. You will be very impressed at how wonderful you new home looks and feels!

Certainly, you can. But a move is a very complex project with many components to arrange in detail. We facilitate moves every day and have a team of experts . We have relationships with trusted suppliers and moving companies that allow us to organize every aspect quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. A major move can easily occupy most of your free time over a two-month period. Save yourself that aggravation by having us do the work!

Absolutely. Helping seniors citizens downsize and move is our key market. It is a difficult period that needs to be handled with care and understanding. We will work with your Mother and you to develop a detailed plan, so you both know what to expect and what needs to be done before move day. We will always be available to answer any questions or concerns you or your mother have.

Ideally, the sooner the better . Call us as soon as you know you are moving. We can plan ahead and provide you with a work plan and schedule. The earlier things are arranged, the smoother and more efficient the move will be.

Nextphase has partners in cities across Canada, and major U.S. cities. We can handle your move across the country with no problems.

Our initial consultation is complimentary and at this time we will assess the size and complexity of your move. We will then provide you a written quote as an estimate. However you will be charged based on actual hours required to sort, pack, move and set-up your new home. If necessary, we can break the work into phases, to reduce the cost of the move. We are very flexible and we will work with you to find an affordable solution.



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